Given the focused by The Government of India to achieve 30% electric vehicle sales by 2030 which ultimate aims to reduce of carbon emission into climate and helps to enhance the economic and social life of People. TDSG wants to contribute to the society through its technology and advance quality of Lithium-ion Battery under the roof of Make-in-India strategy which will help to the increase the standard of social life, creation of Job and boost to the Indian economy.

Having past working experience in Japan almost 5 years all three Japanese organization is delivering high quality products to the society. Durability and constant technology enhancement is in DNA of all 3 JV.

Prime objective for company is to meet the requirement of new generation life which is growing with fast pace and requiring the instant solution. Our Lithium-ion battery will promise for rapid charge and long life with high standard of safety.

With the continuous progress and efforts, company has aim to become the No.1 Lithium-ion battery company of India.

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