Managing Director

A joint venture of three Japanese manufacturers, TDSG is the first to launch lithium-ion batteries in packages. We intend to introduce hybrid cars and electronic vehicles that will help in reducing oil imports and curbing environmental burdens that come with increasing domestic automobile sales.

Adhering the Make in India policy introduced by Indian Government, we strive to set up a plant in the country to manufacture lithium-ion packs which are indispensable for the motorisation of automobiles. By 2020, we aim to start the production of lithium-ion batteries in India for which we are establishing our operations in Gujarat where Japanese technology will be harnessed by Indian engineers to address the rising demand of lithium-ion batteries in the country.

Presently, we are already trading in multiple countries and we envision a future where we emerge as a leading supplier of electrodes and electronic components in India which can only be achieved by cooperation between India and Japan.

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