Contribution to The Society

TDSG wants to contribute to the society through its technology and advance quality of Lithium-ion Battery under the roof of Make-in-India strategy which will help to the increase the standard of social life, creation of Job and boost to the Indian economy. Having past working experience in Japan almost 5 years all three Japanese organization is delivering high quality products to the society. Durability and constant technology enhancement is in DNA of all 3 JV.

  • High quality
    product delivery

    World class manufacturing facility and highly qualified professionals will ensure delivery of high quality product.

  • New technology

    Technology transfer to Indian Auto Market. Upgrade introduction of Li-on Batteries in line with market demand/future auto industry.

  • Job

    Empowering the youth with horizon of jobs in world class facility. Upgrading skills under available human resources for future.

  • Economic

    Export and indigenous supply by local manufacturing will boost Indian economy.

  • Competitive

    Push localization at utmost priority.# Push localization at utmost priority.

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